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Star Hotel Semarang

STAR HOTEL SEMARANG is a four star hotel and the highest hotel building at Central Java (97m above surface) located in the heart of Semarang. Feel the comfort and luxurious room for both business and leisure to ensuring your convenience. Find out the leisure of us through the 59 superior rooms, 185 deluxe rooms, and 8 wonderful suit rooms with the reassure service. Stay, relax, and enjoy your room with view from the marvelous street light and beautiful Semarang's city light.

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For inquiries and informations please contact us
Star Hotel Semarang
telp:024-8644 8888
Fax:024-8644 8899
Facebook : Sevenstar Semarang
Twitter : @starhotelsmg
Instagram : @starhotelsmg
JL. MT. Haryono No.972 Semarang Jawa Tengah 30242 INDONESIA